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It is very important that you follow these instructions carefully. You will be measuring for the finished width and length of your curtains. Your measurements will be most exact if you measure with the rods installed, but you will be fine without rods installed if you measure carefully. If you have any questions, call or email me. You can click here to download the printable instructions, so that you may take them with you into your camper.

With or without rods installed, determine the finished width and length of the curtains.

Finished Length: Measure from the top of the rod (or where you will place your rod) to the point on the window or wall where your curtain will end. This is your finished length. NOTE: The finished length does not include any header. I will add the header length when I cut the curtains if you choose to have headers. Please do not include header length in your measurements. If you do, your curtains will not be the correct length.

Finished Width: Measure from one end of your rod (or where you will place your rod) to the other end of your rod (or where you will place your rod). This is your finished width.

NOTE: If you have two windows side by side on your camper, measure each window seperately. If you try to save money by measuring them as one window, your curtains will not look their best. You will want to open your curtains sometimes to let in light or enjoy the scenery. If there are just two panels on two long windows, they will not be easy to open and will not look custom. It is worth the money to do it right the first time.

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