Camping Bucket Lights


1. Measure your camper windows using our easy intstructions here.

2. Once you have your windows measured, decide which style of curtain will best suit your needs by clicking here.

3. Choose a color. You can see the colors I offer here.

4. You are ready to order. Click here. Choose the color you are ordering, and click the ADD TO CART button beside the style of curtain you are ordering. You will be taken to Paypal's secure shopping cart. You will see that you can choose a quantity at the shopping cart. Enter the number of windows you are purchasing curtains for, example if you are ordering curtains for 5 windows, mark the quantity as 5. Then click the button marked UPDATE CART.

5. If you are not ordering a door curtain, click the button PROCEED TO CHECKOUT.

If you are ordering a door curtain, click CONTINUE SHOPPING. Go to the menu item Door Curtain, choose your color, then click ADD TO CART. You are back at the shopping cart, click PROCEED TO CHECKOUT.

6. If you have a Paypal account, you can login to your account on the right side of the page. If you don't have a Paypal account, you can order with your credit card, debit card or electronic check on the left side of the page. Complete your checkout.

7. You will be sent an automated email with a link to a secure form on my site where you will input your measurements for each window. Click the link, and fill in the form.

8. You are done! I will send you an email to confirm your measurements (just in case), so keep them handy.


(If you want to mail me a check or money order for your curtains, click here. Print the form, fill it out and mail with your payment. Note that I will not begin constructing your order until a check clears, usually 7 days. This will delay your shipping time another 7-10 days.)

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